Image Converter Command Line is a professional converter for graphic files, photos, drafts, finance documents and other images of any type.

Up-to-date technology makes it possible to create a powerful converter ideal for image processing tasks.

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The higher the DPI, the better the image quality

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. DPI is not really a part of the image itself, and doesn’t change anything within the image. It's a number that's stuck onto the side that tells a printer how big it should print out the image. If the image is 72 DPI, the printer will print out 72 dots in every linear inch. At 300DPI, the printer will print 300 dots in every linear inch. Not all the graphic formats support the DPI setting, but with those that do ImageConverter Plus allows changing image DPI in batch mode when you resize your images. Simply insert the desired DPI parameter and get the result within seconds.

Information for developers:
Image Open Save Dialog

We are happy to announce a new tool offered by our company as a part of "Complete Image Convesion Solution" project.

Working with the command line is best illustrated at

The conversion is carried out with the help of Image Converter Command Line. You can convert your images free of charge and without any limitations. Online-image-converter just illustrates the command line support and that's why it lacks some features available with command line when used offline.

Information for solution suppliers and system integrators

The company is happy to inform our customers about the fact that a new image conversion management tool, ImageConverter Plus Scheduler, is under private testing now.